Nov 19Steven SchickPercussion
Feb 9Carl StoneComputers
April 1Thomas Lehn and Tiziana BertonciniAnalog Synthesizer and Violin (Cancelled due to Coronavirus)
Jan 25Stephanie RichardsTake the Neon Lights
Feb 28Rosetta TrioStephan Crump, Liberty Ellman, Jamie Fox – 3 guitars
March 31Jennifer CurtisViolin
April 16Scott WorthingtonBass and Electronics
May 11Bill Solomon and David Friend – Bent DuoPercussion and Piano
Aug 5Flux QuartetTom Chiu, violin; Conrad Harris, violin; Max Mandel, viola; Felix Fan, cello
Oct 12Joey GuidreySolo Bassoon
Jan 11Percussion LovefestCurated by Duncan Moore and Steven Schick
Feb 17David FriendSolo Piano
Mar 18Thomas BucknerBaritone
Apr 2James Moore and Andie SpringerGuitar and Violin
Apr 20Adam TendlerPiano
May 6Gyan RileyGuitarist and Composer
Sept 15Konk PackTim Hodgkinson (lap steel guitars, electronics, clarinets), Thomas Lehn (analogue synthesizer), Roger Turner (drumset and percussion)
Oct 6Ches Smith TrioChes Smith (drums, percussion, vibraphone), Craig Taborn (piano), Mat Manerj (viola)
Feb 24Steve Shick and Vanessa TomlinsonPercussionists, 20th Anniversary
Mar 15Chris Speed QuartetChris Speed, tenor saxophone; Jim Black, percussion; Trevor Dunn, bass; Oscar Noriega, alto saxophone and clarinets
Apr 13Nordeson/Brandstegg DuoNordeson, Percussion; Brandstegg, Marimba Lumina
May 18Lukas Ligeti’s NotebookPercussionist/composer
Sept 16Matt WelchSolo bagpipes
Oct 27Michael Dessen Trio with special guest Nicole Mitchell and Joshua WhiteMichael Dressen, trombone, computer, composition; Nichole Mitchell, flute; Joshua White, piano; Chris Tordini, bass; Dan Weiss, drums
Nov 20Vicky ChowSolo Piano
Feb 4Lisa MooreSolo Piano
Feb 27The WesterliesBrass quartet, two trombones and two trumpets
Mar 8Ashley BathgateSolo Cello
Apr 10Dave Rempis, Darren Johnston, Larry OchsTwo saxophones and a trumpet
Aug 14Aruan OrtizSolo Piano
Sept 30Ingrid Laubrock and Tom RaineyLaubrock, Saxophone; Rainey, Percussion
Oct 19Sandbox Percussion Quartet
Nov 4Sarah CahillSolo Piano
Jan 15Red fish blue fishDirected by Steven Schick. Evening’s artists: Carlota Careers, Christopher Clarion, Dustin Donahue, Fiona Digney, Leah Bowden and Ryan Nestor
Feb 6Ross KarreMaster Percussionist performance of Opera with Objects
Feb 18Jean-Charles Francois Trio/ PFL ProjectFrancois, percussion and composer; Pascal Pariaud, clarinet and Giles Laval, electric guitar (France)
Mar 20Aiyan Huang and Eric DerrPercussion
April 9On StructurePercussion with conceptual performance practices and multimedia
May 1Kjell NordesonImprovisational Percussion
And now live from New York
Sept 28Florent GhysBass, electronics, video
Oct 29Vicky ChowPiano
Nov 21Vasko DukovskiClarinets
Dec 17Mary Oliver, Viola and Hardanger FiddleViolin, Voila and Hardanger Fiddle
Jan 24Clocked Out DuoVanessa Tomlinson, percussion and Erik Griswold, Prepared piano and percussion (Australia)
Feb 21Zeena ParkinsSolo harp and electronics
Fresh Sound Athenaeum School for the Arts
Mar 7Nicole Mitchell with Sun Dial EnsembleMitchell, flutes; Mark Dresser, Bass; Dwight Trible, vocals; Michael Dessen, trombone; Najite Agindotan, percussion; Juan David Rubio, drums
April 2Ned Rothenberg & Marty EhrlichRothenberg, alto sax, clarinets, shakuhachi; Marty Ehrlich, sax, clarinet and flute
May 16Marco Eneidi and Cosmic BrujoEneidi, sax and brujo, drums
Fresh Sound At Bread & Salt
Sept 6Thollem McDonas & Alex ClineMcDonas, electric piano; Cline, percussion
Oct 10Neil RolnickComputer/electronics
Nov 5Ramon Amezcua/Point Loma aka Bostich and Tim HodgkinsonAmezcua, electronics; Hodgkinson, clarinet and steel guitar
Space 4Art
Jan 10ICP Duo: Bennink, Oliver w DresserHan Bennink, drums; Mary Oliver, violin and viola; Mark Dresser, bass
Jan 20Erick Duetsch BandDeutsch, keyboards; Jeff Hill, bass; Tony Mason, drums; Jon Gray, trumpet/vocals (New York and Colorado)
Feb 13Larry Ochs and Don RobinsonOch, saxophone; Robinson, drums
Mar 14Carl StoneLive computer music (Tokyo and Los Angeles)
Mar 31Rez Abbasi TrioRez Abbasi, guitar; Satoshi Takaishi, drums; Mark Dresser, bass (subbing for John Hebert)
Apr 25Gyan RileySolo Guitar
May 14Jeff Parker TrioParker, guitar; Chad Taylor, drums; Chris Lopes, bass
Fresh Sound At Bread & Salt
Sept 13Eric ByersSolo cello and electronics
Oct 1Ian David RosenbaumSolo percussion: drums, percussion (Germany/England)
Oct 20KONK PACKThomas Lehn, analogue Synthesizer; Tim Hodgkinson, steel guitar and Roger Turner, drums, percussion (Germany/England)
Nov 1Evan ZiporynSolo clarinet, acoustic and electronics
Focus on New York at Space 4 Art
Mar 6Ben Goldberg TrioGoldberg, clarinet; Ches Smith, drums; Jeff Parker, guitar
Apr 9James MooreSolo guitar performing contemporary classical music
May 10BRIM; Eve Beglarian, Mary RowellBeglarian, voice/composer; Rowell, Violin and mandolin; stories of a journey down the Mississippi
Jun 4David ShivelyPercussion and electronics. Music by Maken, Lucier and Tenney (New York)
Crossovers at Space 4 Art
Sept 5Dieter Mobius, Tom Erbe, Wobbly, LesserPerforming two generations of electronic musicians (West Coast and Switzerland)
Oct 2Ken Filiano and Anders NilssonFiliano, acoustic bass; Filiano, guitar (New York)
Oct 18Phillippe Manoury’s en echoManoury, composer; Miller Puckette, live electronics; Juliana Snapper, soprano
Oct 19Phillippe Manoury’s en echoEncore performance
Nov 30Michael Dessen TrioDessen, trombone; Dan Weiss, drums; Chris Tordini, bass
Dec 17Todd ReynoldsReynolds, violin and electronics (New York)
Voice and Electronics Series at UCSD’s The Loft
Mar 12Pamela ZVoice and Electronics
Mar 25ConsumeTristan Shone, electronics; Clint McCallum, voice; David Medine, live sound/electronics; Jason Ponce, live video; Rick Snow
Apr 22Theo BleckmannAcappella, electronically processed and improvised vocal music
May 21Alex NowitzSolo Concert for voice and live electronics (Germany)
Jan 5Margaret Noble and Susan NaruckiNoble, electronics and acoustic instruments; Narucki, voice and electronics
Feb 9Steven SchickPercussion solo of John Luther Adams “Mathematics of Resonant Bodies”
Mar 16Scott Amendola & Wil BladesAmendola, percussion; Blades, Organ (San Francisco)
April 6Wollesonic Meets BombshellKenny Wolleson, percussion (New York); Sean Conway, Bombshell performers
May 7Michael Pisaro, Greg Stuart“Fields Have Ears” experimental percussion music & redfish, bluefish
Roots and Reeds Series
Sept 17Matt WelchOriginal and Traditional bagpipe compositions (New York)
Oct 27SqwonkJeff Anderle and Jonathan Russell (San Francisco), Bass Clarinet Duo
Nov 19Guy KlucevsekComtemporary and tradition music for accordion (New York)
Dec 17Oliver LakeNew and Improvised music (New York), Saxophone
Sushi Performance Space
Jan 13Nels and Alex ClinePercussion, rare performance by the Cline twins
Feb 10Blevin BlectumLive Electronics with video
Mar 10Aiyun HuangPercussion and video (Montreal)
April 14Pamela Z and Lisle EllisPamela, voice, eletronics, video; Ellis, bass and circuitry
May 12Barnyard DramaChristine Duncan, voice; Jean Martin, drums, turntables, loops (Montreal)
Oct 6John BischoffHistorical and new electronic/computer works (San Francisco)
Nov 3James Moore and Pablo GomezMoore, banjo, guitar, electronics (New York); Gomez, guitar and electronics
Dec 1Hans Fjellestad & GE StinsonFjellestad, Moog Synth, analog electronics; Stinson, guitar, computer and electronics (Los Angelos)
2004 – 2008
Break to go to NYC
Concerts at the museum of art
Jan 15En EchoMiller Puckette, electronics; Juliana Snapper, soprano; composition by Phillippe Manoury
Feb 11Wofford/Ellis duoMike Wofford, piano; Lisle Ellis, bass
Mar 22Steve FeldEthnomusicologist The Time of the Bells – recording and visuals of Italy, France and Finland
Jan 19Aspect of PhysicsJason Soares, Matt Lorenz and JFRE Coad – electronics, guitars, and video
Jan 27Brooklyn Sax QuartetDavid Bindman, Fred Ho, Sam Furnace, Chris Jones
Feb 1Raw MaterialsVijay Lyer, piano; Rudresh Mahanthappa, Sax
Feb 23Marcelo and MarcosMarcelo Radulovich, electronics; Marcos Fernandes, phonography, field recordings. Video by Hans Fjellestad, Ivan Diaz-Robledo
Mar 6Rubble on SpruceLive experimental and improvised music – Hans Fjellestad and Battery Operated
Mar 9Lisle Ellis/Paul PlimleyEllis, bass; Plimley, piano
Mar 15Rubble on SpruceHans and Cosmologic w/Michael Dessen, trombone; Jason Robinson, sax; Scott Walton, bass; Nate Hubbard, drums
Mar 24Peter BrotzmannBrotzmann, sax; Marco Eneidi, sax; Jackson Krull, drums; Lisle Ellis, bass
April 6El’Zabar / Bang / BluiettKahil El’Zabar, drums/percussion; Billy Bang, violin; Hamiett Bluiett, sax and flute
April 10Rubble on SpruceBiggie Vinkeloe, sax; Mark Weaver; Harris Eisenstadt, drums with Nate Hubbard
April 12Rubble on SpruceSpring Reverb – with Trummerflora Collective: Kristy Cheadle, Donkey, Lisle Ellis, Hans Fjellestad, Robert Montoya, etc.
April 26What We LiveLarry Ochs, sax; Lisle Ellis, bass; Don Robinson, drums (San Francisco)
May 3Satoko Fuji QuartetSatoko Fuji, piano; Natsuki Tamara, trumpet; Tatsuya Yoshikd, drummer; Takeharu Hayakawa, bass
May 11DynastySet Misterka, sax and electronics; Jennifer Deveau, bass; Edward Kapparek, drums/visuals
May 25MatmosDrew Daniels and MC Schmidt – experimental electronics
Sept 21Trevor Watts Moire Music TrioTrevor Watts, sax; Colin McKensie, bass; Giarrpaolo Scatozza, percussion (England)
Sept 27Jeanrenaud TrioJoan Jeanrenaud, cello; Miya Masaoka, koto; Larry Ochs, sax
Oct 5Bailey and LewisDerek Bailey, guitar; George Lewis, trombone
Oct 19Rubble on SpruceCD Release – Nate Hubbard, drums; Las Cajoa del Ritmo; Ramon Amescua, Pepe Mogt, Jorge Ruiz
Oct 26Cutler/DimuzioChris Cutler (England) percussion and electronics; Thomas Dimuzio, live sampling and processing
Nov 9Rubble on SprucePhonography Marcos Fernandes, Marcelo Radulovich, Leticia Castenada, and more
Nov 15Ellis and BrownLisle Ellis, bass and electonics; Chris Brown, electronics
Nov 23John Lindberg World Star TrioJohn Lindberg, bass; Adam Randolph, percussion; Pablo Cablogero, sax
Dec 6Rova Sax QuartetLarry Ochs, Steve Adams, Jon Raskin, Bruce Ackley
Dec 7Rubble on SpruceLower case sound – Josh Russell, Tucker Dullin, Ilya Monosov
Dec 12LAST CONCERT at Spruce ForumLisle Ellis, electronics; Joelle Leandre, bass (France); Willie Winant, drums; George Lewis, trombone
Jan 7Tribute to Robert EricksonConcert performed by Erikson’s colleagues at UCSD – benefit for Music Dept. Scholarship Fund
Feb 3Saadet TurkozVocalist – lives in Zurich, from Kazakhstan/Turkey
Feb 16Shipp/Parker/CleaverMatthew Shipp, piano; William Parker, bass; Gerald Cleaver, drums
Feb 21Derome/Tanguay DanseJean Derome, sax, flutes, voice; Pierre Tanguay, drums, voice (Montreal)
Feb 24Joan JeanrenaudSolo acoustic cello, works by Terry Riley, Steve Mackay and others
Mar 2TopazErick Friedlander, cello; Stomu Takeishi, bass; Andy Laster, sax; Satoshi Takeishi, percussion
Mar 24Misha MenglebergSolo piano (Amsterdam)
April 7ParaphraseTim Berne, reeds; Tom Rainey, drums; Drew Gress, bass
April 14Buckner and KuberaTom Buckner, baritone; Joseph Kubere, piano – music by Charles Ives/lecture by Mitchell Morris about Ives preceded
April 28Alvin CurranSolo piano and electronica
May 5Hans FjellestadSolo electronics and video
May 12Griffin and SnapperSean Griffin, harpist and composer; Juliana Snapper, soprano
May 26Stefano ScodonibbioSolo bass (italy)
May 27School DaysKen Vandemark, sax; Jef Bishop, trombone; Ingebright Haker-Flaten, bass; Paal Nilssen-Love, drums; Kjell Nordeson, vibes
June 7Street of DreamsTheresa Gunn’s presentation of at-risks students’ songs and music
Sept 21Amy KnolesPercussion solo with video and electronics
Oct 19Terry RileyTerry Riley, piano and synthesizer; George Brooks, sax; Krishna Bhatt, sitar
Nov 9Nortec CollectiveBostich and Plankton Man performs with Trummerflora Collective
Nov 16Saadet TurkozSaadet, vocalist; Eyvind Kang, viola
Dec 1Scot Ray QuintetAlex Cline, drums; Nels Cline, electric guitar; Jeff Gauthier, electric violin; Steuart Liebig, bass; Scot Ray, trombone
Dec 8Steven FeldEthnumusicologist – The Sound of the Rainforest, video and sound – bird song of Papua New Guinea
Jan 21Vijay Iyer and Ben GoldbergIyer, piano; Goldberg, clarinet
Jan 25Frode GjerstqdFrode Gjerstad, sax; (Norway) William. Paker, bass; Hamid Drake, percussion
Feb 5TrianaJD Parran, clarinets; Anthony Davis, piano; Bert Turetzky, bass
Feb 19Paul PlimleyPiano Solo
Mar 4Sarah CahillPiano Solo
Mar 18Mike Wofford QuartetWofford, piano; Holly Hofmann, flute; Duncan Moore, drums; Derk Lieszkiewicz, bass
April 7Terry RileyTerry Riley, piano; Stefano Scodanibbio, bass (Italy)
April 22Cecil LytleSolo Piano
May 27Cline/Stinson/GauthierAlex Cline, drums; Jeff Gauthier, electric violin; GE Stinson, guitar
June 2Jason Robinson EnsembleRobinson, sax; Anthony Davis, piano; Robert Perkins, percussion; Rob Thorsen, bass
June 10Liebig TrioSteuart Liebig, bass; Billy Mintz, drums; Vinny Golia, woodwinds
June 15Van Hove/BauerAt St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral. Fred Van Hove (Belgium), organ; Johannes Bauer, trombone (Germany)
Sept 23Lisle EllisSolo concert for bass and electronics
Oct 14Trio ThreeAndrew Cyrille, drums; Olives Lake, sax; Reggie Workman, drums
Oct 21Bennink and PlimleyHan Bennink, drums (Amsterdam); Paul Plimley, piano (Vancouver)
Nov 4Ellery Eskelin TrioEskelin, sax; Andrea Parkins, accordion/sampler; Jim Black, drums
Nov 11Preston/Cline/ClineDon Preston, piano; Nels Cline, bass guitar; Alex Cline, Percussion
Dec 1Scot Ray QuartetScot Ray, trombone; Alex Cline, drums; Nels Cline, electric guitar; Jeff Gauther, violin; Steuart Liebig, bass guitars
Dec 9Le Quon NinhNinh, percussion (France)
Dec 16Michael Dessen Ensemble
Jan 9Cynthia Aaronson DavisCynthia, soprano; Scott Walton, piano; Music by Strauss, Bernstein, Argento, Handel, A. Davis
Jan 16GE and AlexGE Stinson, guitar; Alex Cline, drums
Jan 31Gloria ChengSolo piano – Scriabin, Hindemuth, Applebaum and more
Feb 6Chris BrownPiano and electronics
Feb 27Project Punk #1Ulfar Haraldsson, bass; Erik Griswold, keyboards; Terry Longshore/Brett Reed, percussion; Jason Robinson, sax; Glen Whitehead, trumpet
Mar 6HearHannes Giger, bass; Eric Fischer, vibraphone
Mar 13Jon JangPiano
Mar 18Leroy JenkinsSolo violin
Mar 20Aleck KarisSolo piano – Philip Glass piano works
Mar 26Steve Lacy TrioSteve Lacy, soprano, sax; Jean-Jacques Avenel, bass; John Betsch, drums
April 3Michael Dessen QuintetDessen, trombone; Mike Wofford, piano; Kerry Campbell, sax; Rob Thorsen, bass; Craig Dawson, drums; Gil Castellano, trumpet
April 8 through 10Improvisor’s FestivalThree Days concerts/symposiums; featuring Pauline Oliveros, LaDonna Smith; Eddie Provost, UCSD grad students
April 17Vinny Golia TrioVinny Golia, sax; Mike Wofford, piano; Mike Elizondo, bass
April 24Wadada Smith TrioWadada, trumpet; Alex Cline, drums; Harumi poetry
May 1Joel Harrison QuartetHarrison, guitar; Paul Hanson, bassoon; Devon Huff, bass; Russ Gold, drums
May 8Gregg Bendian QuartetBendian, percussion; Jim Whitney, bass; David Witham, piano
May 14Vanessa Tomlinson and FriendsVanessa, percussion; UCSD Colleagues; works by Erik Griswold, Jean-Charles Francois
May 18City Winds EnsembleEsther Landau, flute; Tom Nugent, oboe; Jim Freeman, clarinet; Zachary Limacher, horns; William Honker, bassoon
May 29GE Stinson, Nels ClineGE Stinson, guitar; Nels Cline, guitar
June 5Michael Vlatkovich TrioVlatkovich, trombone; Anders Swanson, bass; Christopher Garcia, percussion
June 26Anthony Davis/James NewtonAnthony Davis, piano, improvisation/composition; James Newton, flute, improvisation/composition
Oct 16Equal Interest TrioMyra Melford, piano; Leroy Jenkins, violin; Joseph Jarman, woodwinds
Oct 23Steve LacySteve Lacy, soprano sax; Irene Aebi, violinist
Dec 4Andrew CyrilleSolo percussion
Dec 11Pauline OliverosPauline, accordion; Dana Reason, piano; Phillip Geld, shakuhachi
Feb 14Glenn HoriuchiGlenn Horiuchi, shamisen; Francis Wong, sax and violin; Bill Roper, tuba
Feb 22Improvisational EnsembleDan Plonsey, sax; Scott Walton, bass; Dana Reason, piano
Mar 1Joel Harrison QuartetHarrison, piano; Paul Hanson, bassoon; John Evans, bass; Russ Gold, drums
Mar 14Fiddle Hickies-Traditional Irish MusicPatric Petrie, fiddle; Peter Damahek, guitar, banjo, fiddle; Chris Davis, fiddle; Steve Blass, mando-banjo
Mar 18What We LiveLarry Ochs, sax; Lisle Ellis, bass; Don Robinson, drums
April 5CD Release PartyPatrick O-Keefe, Clarinet; Jason Stanyek, guitar; Scott Walton, bass; Glen Whitehead, trumpet
April 10GE Stinson QuartetGE Stinson, guitar; Steuart Liebig, bass; Jeff Gauthier, violin; Gregg Bendian, drums
April 17Buckner/Lewis DuoTom Buckner, baritone; George Lewis, trombone
April 24Arc-en-ciel Chamber Music QuartetTheresa Tunnicliff, clarinet; Mary Szanto, cello; Igor Pandurski, violin; Linda Scott, piano – Messiaen Satie
May 1Noah Howard TrioNoah Howard, sax; Anthony Davis, piano; Scott Walton, bass
May 3Chris Speed BandChris, sax; Cuong Vu, trumpet; Skuli Sversen, bass; Jim Black, drums
May 24Eric Griswold’s Clocked OutCelebrating the music of Sun Ra and Duke Ellington
June 14Gerry Hemingway QuartetHemingway, drums; Ray Anderson, trombone; Ellery Eskelin, sax; Mark Dresser, bass
Oct 10Rova Sax QuartetLarry Ochs, sax; Steve Adams, Jon Raskin, Bruce Ackley, saxophones
Oct 18UCSD Women Composers/PerformersBenefit to raise funds to attend the Frau Musica Festival in Germany
Oct 24StaLiQ QuartetSteuart Liebig, bass; Alex Cline, drums; Jeff Gauthier, violin; Erik Barber, reeds
Nov 4Yasuhiro OtaniFrom Tokyo, new music composer for Mac and software – real time
Nov 7Revontulet EnsembleJeanette Wrate, percussion; Jeff Gauthier, violin; Craig Ochikubo, keyboards; Anders Swanson, basss
Nov 14Brad Dutz QuartetDutz, percussion; Kim Richmond, woodwinds and 2 others
Nov 21Skin and BonesTerry Longshore and Brett Reed
Dec 5Vijay IyerSolo Piano
Dec 12Paul PlimleySolo Piano
Feb 15Boom Crash Whack WhamSteve Shick and Vanessa Tomlinson
Feb 22Boom Crash Whack WhamSkin and Bones Terry Longshore and Brett Reed
Mar 8Leo Wadada SmithLeo and Harumi Nakimo Smith
April 27American Jazz w/Bill Horowitz BandBill Horowitz, guitar; Joseph Sabella, drums; Steve Adam, sax/flute
May 3RantMarita Bolles with mixed ensemble – flute, trumpet, guitar, bass, percussion
May 24An Unlikely PairHarry Castle, computer; Janet Parish-Whitaker, flute
May 30Uptown Music from Down UnderAnthony Burr, clarinet; Vanessa Tomlinson, percussion
June 21Concert and CD Release PartyLisa Cella, Terry Longshore, Syvia Re, Martha Renner/Sollberger composer
Aug 14Kartik SeshadriKartik Seshadri, sitar; Arup Chatterjee, tabla
Aug 21Shweta JhaveriJhaveri, vocalist; Arup Chatterjee, tabla
Aug 23Solo ConcertSteve Schick, percussion